OPPT, Friend or Foe?

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OPPT, Friend or Foe? Empty OPPT, Friend or Foe?

Post  FreealityNow on Sat Apr 13, 2013 10:48 pm

Was just wondering what most of you guys think about the OPPT movement? After the info Bereagun posted, I'm not so sure as I once was. They seem like well intentioned people but the naysayers bring up some interesting points. I've been really trying hard on educating myself this past few months on learning about Law, Common Law, Maritime Admiralty Law, Jurisdiction, claiming sovereignty and things of that nature but as some of you know, educating ones self can be a full time job! I really try to find the time to read a couple to few hours a day on this stuff but its so overwhelming right now because this is ALL NEW information to me. I guess what I'm trying to get at is am I not seeing what they naysayers are seeing? Is the OPPT an actual friend to humanity or is just more of the same control and enslavement that TPTW/TPTB have in store for us? I'm really trying to wrap my head around all this at once but it's a lot to take in. I'm not afraid to admit I was wrong about the OPPT (if it turns out to be the case) but it seems like they've laid all their cards on the table. What's everyone's take on all this? Thanks so much.
And thanks to Bereagun and everyone else for providing so much advice/info to all of us here.
Mahalo Nui Loa! Much Aloha!


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OPPT, Friend or Foe? Empty Neil Keenan Update: Rising Above Cabal Divide & Conquer Tactic – OPPT Not To Blame For Threats

Post  Dee Jay on Tue Apr 16, 2013 8:14 pm

by Michael Henry Dunn

Ø Keenan’s camp reaches out to Lisa Harrison, and we come to an understanding

Ø Cabal tactics behind threats – OPPT not to blame

Ø OPPT not in competition with Keenan for Global Accounts

Ø Differences remain, but we wish each other well, and will not fall for the cabal’s old game

JAKARTA – April 15, 2013: A good rule of thumb on how to tell an authentic “lightworker” from a cabal plant, infiltrator, or troll is that those committed to working for freedom and abundance are generally too busy to waste precious time and energy attacking others who are working for the same goals. So why did we “attack” the OPPT? (Well, technically, from our point of view, we were attacked first….but were we? And by whom? And most importantly, why?….read on, friends).

The crumbling oligarchic banker sect has for centuries relied on infiltration, co-opting, and divide-and-conquer tactics to maintain their control of the planet. As brother Drake Bailey said somewhere, you can’t start a Dandelion-Picking Society in the U.S. without the cabal infiltrating it with someone who shortly suggests that the organization should consider fire-bombing the rival dandelion pickers, who are said to be secretly bent on the destruction of Mom, her apple pie, and the recipe too. If you’re doing something serious and important, like Occupy Wall Street, then chances are you’ve not only been infiltrated from the start, but the cabal probably thought up the concept before you did.

The Rothschilds funded Wellington – and Napoleon too. They incited the South to secede in the American Civil War – and tried to fund both sides in that carnage too (but Abe Lincoln wouldn’t allow it). The orange lion logo of current banker ING? That’s the International Netherlands Group, who funded the American Revolution – and the British too. The Rothschilds funded imperial Japan for decades before World War Two, planning the slaughter of millions in the global gold-grabbing conflict to come. And, of course, they found and funded Hitler for the same reasons…and funded the Allies too. Whoever won didn’t really matter…they would get the gold either way.

We’ve come to the realization over the last few days that they’re trying to do the same thing with Neil Keenan and his team on one side, and the One People’s Public Trust on the other – and both sides have decided not to fall for it.

So how did this info-war start in the first place? From our point of view, here we were in Jakarta, minding our own business and making great progress, when someone brought to our attention the “Indonesian royals snub Keenan, six million-dollar OPPT Global Account hand-outs, and Jean and Michael are CIA operatives” nonsense, and we got a bit vexed and irritated, but decided to let it slide. The source was anonymous, and the profile was low, so we figured why bother? – we had better things to focus on. When we didn’t fall for that gambit, it seems the cabal tacticians may have decided to up the ante.

And so we got the death threat.

Yes, that got our attention. Especially when we learned that others who opposed OPPT were getting death threats, too. Just so you know, Neil Keenan has survived four assassination attempts since he started his fight against the cabal, so it’s not a joke here in Jakarta. He doesn’t make a big deal of it (especially since, in one instance, the attackers ended up in the hospital after Keenan and a friend got done with them), and he has stronger security in place now, but we don’t just shrug it off. Personally, I think the jerk who made the call was definitely a lot more alarmed than Keenan by the end of the brief conversation, by which time Neil was describing in nonchalant detail what would happen to the caller once we find him.

So we decided to go on the offensive, which is Neil Keenan’s natural instinct. And, of course, there was the predictable blow-up in the freedom movement. And then courageous Jean Haines had her blog shut down, which made us suspect cabal involvement even more. But before the blog went down, the Divine decided to take a hand for peace in typically whimsical fashion.

I can hardly bear to read comment threads when I’m forced to ruffle feathers, and was exhausted in any case, so when Jean’s blog was inundated with thousands of comments, I tried to get some sleep. Just before the blog went down, however, I happened to scan a benevolent and charitable comment encouraging reconciliation and understanding. It was signed, “Lisa.”

For some reason, I instantly assumed this was Lisa Harrison, whose excellent radio show I have long admired. And I knew that Lisa is a key OPPT supporter. And I thought, well – maybe we can break through all this hostility, which none of us really want. And then we received new intelligence about where the threats might have originated, and where the confusion regarding the “Indonesian royals” started – and began to smell a rat. After consulting with Neil, it was decided to reach out to Lisa Harrison.

Today, I had a really pleasant talk with Lisa, and cleared up many things. She confirmed my initial thought (which I expressed in our anti-OPPT post) that neither she nor Heather, nor Brian, nor any of the OPPT principals had anything to do with death threats. I have no proof, of course, other than my rock solid intuition that these are good and honorable people. As to the Global Accounts, I will not presume to speak for Lisa or the OPPT on that, other than to say I now see no apparent conflict between their intentions and Mr. Keenan’s. Lisa let me know she was already planning to make a brief statement on her radio show disavowing any hostility toward Neil Keenan or his team, and wishing us well.

Neil Keenan asked me to let the OPPT principals know that we thank them, and wish them well also.

And let us say further that we also disavow any connection with any threats or expressions of hostility that anyone pretending to speak for us may make towards Heather or anyone else connected with the OPPT. That’s not who we are either. We are not going to fall for this old cabal game. That’s one more tool of oppression that they will now find is obsolete.

Towards the end of our talk, Lisa and I discovered that, in fact, she never had posted to Jean’s blog – that the benevolent post signed “Lisa” (which prompted my outreach) was by someone else entirely!

And so we thank that other Lisa, whoever she may be, and thank the benevolent whimsy of Source for finding a way to help Mr. Keenan’s many supporters, and those working with OPPT to move forward with our separate paths toward our common goal of peace, freedom, and abundance for our larger family.

As Lisa says – “In La-kech….” (the Mayan blessing which means – “you are my other self”).

Michael Henry Dunn

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