Links to UCC Filings

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Links to UCC Filings

Post  Admin on Thu Jan 31, 2013 2:17 am


Here are some links for UCC filings: (Missouri) (Wisconsin highly recommended) (Hawaii) (California) (Washington DC Recorder of Deeds) (use if you’re having trouble getting recorded in county records) (Washington highly recommended given OPPT is filed there) (50 state filing service, haven’t used) (New York, haven’t used) (Minnesota, haven’t used) (Ohio) (Delaware) (Idaho) (Alabama) (Michigan) (Oklahoma) (Kentucky) (Rhode Island) (Indiana) (Utah) (Arizona) (Texas) (New Jersey),a,1330,q,594534.asp (District of Columbia) (Nebraska) (New Hampshire) (Nevada) (South Carolina) (Virginia) (West Virginia) (New Mexico) (Alaska) (Tennessee) (Oregon) (Alabama)


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