Things the Power That Were would love for you to never find out.

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Things the Power That Were would love for you to never find out. Empty Things the Power That Were would love for you to never find out.

Post  BethanyHope on Wed Apr 17, 2013 9:19 pm

Things the PTW would love for you to never find out.
1.) On the bottom of your ORIGINAL birth certificate it reads: "WARNING: This certificate is not evidence of the identity of the person representing it."
2.) All Banks have something called the CODE of Banking. If you read it you would be shocked at what it says.
3.) When "YOU" get summoned to court, get served court paperwork, or other paper work from Debt collectors it is addressed to your STRAW MAN.
How did my straw man get created? It was created at the time of your birth when your parent's signed the Birth Certificate. So when you get a letter addressed to "JOHN DOE" Instead of "John Doe", you now know it is your STRAW MAN name. This name is no more then a number in the stock exchange(look it up).
4.) So what do we do when Someone is claiming we are "JOHN DOE", when we are really just John a human being and not a number?
WE must do our research, and have a clear understanding of the terminology that is being used to trick us into a contract with them without even knowing it.
When you receive these types of letters in the mail, It will read, "To JOHN DOE, then it never once say's your real name John. It refers to John as "You". Ex: "You" are being summoned to court." "You" must pay XXX." "The Plaintiff makes this claim against "You". So You must write Back and Re butt the fact that you are "JOHN DOE". You must say (Birth certificate # XXXXXXXXXXX; Also Known as "JOHN DOE") does not prove my identity.
Read Over the CODE of Banking Practices online or find it at your local bank.
Is it as simple as writing a letter rebutting the fact that you are John, a father, a friend, a human being, and Not "JOHN" the corporation? Let me know what you think. I love you


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