Must Read: Kauilapele's blog entry re his own Courtesy Notice

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Must Read: Kauilapele's blog entry re his own Courtesy Notice Empty Must Read: Kauilapele's blog entry re his own Courtesy Notice

Post  Marbolot on Sun Feb 24, 2013 5:18 pm

This is just to draw your attention to Kauilapele's 22 Feb 2013 blog post (updated on 23 Feb) in which he shares images of his own first Courtesy Notice, sent to a debt collector. Of particular interest are the comments (here and here) by anonymous poster "Jewelz," which comments I have reproduced below.


Jewelz (2013/02/23 at 15:47)
Kp, you folks can certainly do what you
like and this effort will help someone learn a little at least,
though it will prove to do nothing about nothing with the attorney
for the plaintiff bringing the claim in the case and they will just
ignore your paperwork, because they know you do not know your rights
by what you are sending into them and they will throw that stuff in
the trash and further test your knowledge by serving a summons to
appear in court when it eventually comes down to it.
A very lot of complicated things need
to be made simple for someone to be effective and the biggest factor
in the way of course is the peoples fear. The people do not know what
is truly going on with a fiction government and judicial system that
does not use Webster dictionary. Heather does not know herself to
explain it to anyone and therefore she cannot actually help anyone be
competent in a fiction system simply by giving people instructions
for filing paperwork.
If it was so easy to figure out we
would not have a problem now would we. Besides, she is working for
Queen Lizzy of London as a B.A.R. Card carrying member actually
working against the people and it is something she cannot tell
anyone. Even Tara understands that KP. It’s not good or ethical in
I’m sorry, though in spite of
Heathers position she does not know what is going on with the
jurisdiction issue to explain it in order to actually help anyone
come out of what they are in, except to tie up the peoples valuable
considerable time and energy for draining it in the “absolute”
wrong direction for their spiritual sovereignty.
She is an ex prosecutor that was
working against the people in a system she does not understand,
because she is not a judge privileged to know things the rest of the
court does not. A pro-se-cutor has no-say-so, until you the people
give it to them out of your own mouth. The prefix “pro” means
“no” and they have “no say so”. A “no-say-cuter”.
The judicial system works under your
Miranda rights based upon of what you say can and will be used
against you. The same goes with the universe. The universe delivers
the goods of your free will choice according to your say so. The
peoples will has been hijacked and stolen into a fiction realm they
do not understand and is being used against them in the absolute
wrong direction, because everything has been reversed for trickery.
If you want out of what you find
yourselves in, it requires a tremendous sacrifice most folks are not
willing to give. They just want out of what they are in, so they can
go on with their artificial lives in the matrix pretending everything
is ok, when it really isn’t.
The people want fast easy answers to a
complicated situation to solve their problems and it requires a
certain understanding that needs lots of time to come to a place
where anyone is competent enough to exercise their power and
authority dealing with a fiction entity, who has stolen the identity
of the individual and they don’t understand it.
Quite simply, there is nothing going on
between real living people and a fiction entity. They cannot
understand each other. Fiction can only mate with fiction, dogs with
dogs, cats with cats, though real living people cannot have
intercourse with a fiction government who does not exist.
In other words, if you think there is a
government, then your thinking is in vein. Just because a thing is
“legal” does not make it “lawful”. Just because someone maybe
sincere, “absolute” sincerity is no guarantee for the truth and
you are not receiving it from these people.
When the pleader in the case brings the
claim for a money charge to the court the burden of proof for subject
matter jurisdiction is with the one bringing the claim to be proven,
and not otherwise. If you do not know what your standing is, in other
words, which authority you stand under, your God, the court will
choose one for you and that is the problem.
The people give up their jurisdiction
because they are under an assumption they are something, someone and
some place they are not by trickery. You are not the name on your
birth certificate listed on your drivers license, but you keep
answering to it. So the presence of your live body in the courtroom,
cures the error of the fiction name listed on a piece of paper the
attorney brought into the tennis court, in order to make their game
to steal your life look, seem, appear and feel very real to YOU.
When you answer to that name, you lose
every single time like clockwork without fail. When someone wants to
contract with you, it’s time to get paid. So welcome the
opportunity by way of your trust account sitting in the treasury
Do not answer the collection letters,
keep them in a folder and let them take you to court and then charge
them what they are asking of you. If you get out of the system, then
you can’t collect the money on a counterclaim through your
strawmans dead trust account. Though you would have to be very
fortunate to come into the knowledge of how to do it, because anyone
that knows is keeping their mouth shut because of the greed.
This is a lot more involved than can be
discussed in this public venue let alone the time or room to do it in
with text on a screen to come to any sensible conclusion, so anyone
can understand what is taking place in front of their face, in order
to get paid the fraudulent money claim you are allegedly being
charged. The court does not have jurisdiction and by not
understanding what is going on through your own ignorance, you are
giving jurisdiction to the court by answering to a name that is not
Can you say identity theft? The truth
of the name cures the error of the description. You cannot win a
court case as the defendant. The defendant is not you personally, it
is the name listed on your birth certificate, but you keep answering
to it and since you think it is because you said so, you lose every
single time like clockwork without fail.


Jewelz (2013/02/23 at 18:27)
Thank you kauilapele and you are most
welcome and I’m glad you are open to the input. It is serious stuff
indeed. It is also empowering information to know what we are truly up
against and how to come out of it.A little more on the subject for fun if you are interested…. When you
 walk into a courthouse in the US, it’s like you are walking into a
foreign jurisdiction of another country, or the embassy in another
country like Russia or where ever, where you don’t understand what you
are up against because we don’t understand the language. It is the same
thing with the US court system for people born in the US. 

It is like you just teleported yourself into the jurisdiction of
another country, where you have no rights. That is why you lose every
single time without fail, when you enter the building of a courthouse if
 anyone does not understand what is taking place. There is nothing to
defend and there is nothing to argue about with a fiction entity.
Sovereigns do not argue with fiction things that do not exist..

If you were born in the US you are absolutely NOT a US citizen unless
 of course, you have applied for US citizenship. Have you applied for US
 citizenship? No? Then the constitution does not apply to you, and you
have no rights.  If you were born in the US, you are no different than
an illegal alien coming to the US from another country.

The constitution only applies to the legislature, they are US
citizens. But the people have not figured that out and consequently
remain functional but illiterate to the true nature of what they are up
against and therefore cannot do a thing about it. If people born in the
US needed to apply for US citizenship, then why do you think the
government never bothered to tell anyone it was required?

The government cannot tell you that the constitution does not apply
to you, because if they did you would not agree to be taken advantage of
 or would you make a good slave to a system of tyranny. The government
is only talking to the name listed on your birth certificate and the
people keep answering for a fiction name that is not them giving up
their jurisdiction.

A license is the right to that which is illegal against yourself. The
 man is declared dead at birth and what does a dead man need with a
house, a car, a boat, clothes, food, a retirement fund, or education
funding for children he can’t have, and a wife that some other person
has to make happy? 

Only men who sell their souls to the Vatican, become naturalized as a
 U.S. Citizen, agree to operate in the  “Person of Satan the Devil”, are
 allowed to play in this game, unless he redeems the estate….and not

All lawyers must file a written, ‘Notice of Appearance,’ in every
court case they represent. By that Notice, the lawyer is admitting to
the Court that he is a “Foreign Agent” and he is requesting permission
to represent you in that Corporate Court. Your contract with the lawyer
gives him “your sovereign power of attorney” to represent your best
interests and he immediately uses it against you, by admitting to the
Judge that you will accept the jurisdiction and decisions of the
corporate court! So much for winning your case.

The Uniform Commercial Codes (U.C.C.) are FICTION and are for doing
COMMERCE, Commercial Contracts.  There has been a wave of people who
were attempting to gain sovereignty through a U.C.C. contract.  This is
possibly the biggest carrot that has been placed before the people to
hinder them from true sovereignty, and to coerce them into consciously
transferring their birthrights, rendering them ineffectual, because; you
 are born sovereign and you cannot transfer, buy or sell your
sovereignty.  Efforts in doing so is called “slave Trade”.


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