Several Thousand garnished

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Several Thousand garnished

Post  Blankstage on Sat Feb 23, 2013 10:01 pm


I just got here and reading and learning and listening and watching videos.

I have a judgement against me set forth my HOA (Homeowner's Association). The withdrew $4900 a few days ago.

I have been battling my Homeowners Association for over 3 years.

The description has details to the case against me and just this last year they changed PO Box's and I sent my automated drafts to the old and once I did I made good on them but that still set off this judgement. Last week they garnished $4900 out of bank accounts. My wife and I were about to start having our first baby with that money.

Since then (3 years ago) I have become a major "truthor" so I am fascinated in this and want to see what steps I need to take. Please let me know the steps, if I can speak to anyone - if someone can help me I can become a major voice in all this.

I want to believe this is all true!


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Re: Several Thousand garnished

Post  Marbolot on Sun Feb 24, 2013 12:56 am

Good place to start.

After you get done listening and studying the Courtesy Notice and instructions, let us know here whether you have any recent -- like since Dec 25, 2012 -- unsolicited communications from any of these yahoos that you haven't responded to.


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Re: Several Thousand garnished

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