I would like to defend myself, what can i do?

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I would like to defend myself, what can i do?

Post  bigpete on Wed Feb 06, 2013 2:38 am

In short I live in the uk and registered myself bankrupt due to rapidly decreased property prices and depressed rental market.

I would be very interested to utilise the OPPT filings if it is feasible or maybe I have already scuppered my position by accepting their jurisdiction.

Can I do anything to defend myself and reject their ruling and counter-suit the banks, citing their complicity to manipulate Libor and manipulate market forces?

I have very limited litigation knowledge and understanding, can anyone give me direction or assistance. or is anyone out there interested in using my case to cause some mayhem and a headache for the establishment?

Either way it would be interesting to discuss how we might use this declaration here in the uk., Very Happy


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