Germany - the tightest of them all?°!

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Germany - the tightest of them all?°! Empty Germany - the tightest of them all?°!

Post  UmanMike on Sat Feb 02, 2013 9:52 pm

I currently reside in a very restrictive tight-knit system here in Germany and I am experiencing the true extend of the corruption and conspiracy first hand.

I showed the family-court and CPS-equivalent (Jugendamt) all evidence, background and witness-testimony that proves beyond the shadow of a doubt the danger that the mother of my 7-year-old daughter poses to her - due to severe trauma-based mind-control.

They switched the individual of the CPS in charge of my daughter´s case 3 times during the past 3 years because they had all started to understand how much my daughter wanted to get away from her mind-controlled mother and be with me, her father who has been her best freind and soul-mate from the very beginning.

Then in November 2011 the mother had me beat-up - did not let my daughter see me - and sued me under the (false!) allegation of "severe sexual child-abuse". The hearing turned out a pure farce and the judge did not even object when she said she was going to take our daughter on a 3-4-week vacation to SouthernSwizzerland. The judge merely ordered her to take our daughter to the child-psychiatry right when they were going to return in January 2012. The mother did not even do that however - but just grabbed her stuff and permanently moved to Swizzerland - against all court-orders to investigate her allegations and that my daughter was going to be allowed to see me again in January.

The judge merely scheduled another meeting for July which was even more ridiculous. NO mention of the mother´s transgressions and severe violations of court-orders, our daughter´s rights or her false allegations. The judge and the (new) CPS-guy even took our daughter to a seperate room to ask her whether she wanted to see me - which she was still brave enough to affirm - which did not make any difference though, because right after the hearing when I saw her in the rear of a small Swizz car she was more intimidated and fearful than I had ever seen her before. A mere shadow of her former brave and joyous self.

I have not seen or heard from my daughter ever since and about a month ago the court sent me a letter that they had closed the case - because it was "out of their jurisdiction" by now and that the mother who lives in one of the most expensive areas of Europe gets the court- and attorney-fees paid by the state - while I who lives in a shelter on welfare has to pay about €3.000,- + for court-fees and over €300,- for the lawyer who betrayed me and my daughter.

The judge/family-court persistently refused to take into account the most clear and unambiguous testimony from my daughter´s godfather - and refused to hear him personally - ignored all photographic evidence I tried in vain to present - ignored a letter of reference that the international expert Jd. MEd. Alfred L. Webre was kind enough to write on behalf of my daughter´s rights......

Now they are threatening me with jail unless I pay - for the kidnapping and abuse of my darling daughter and only child°! What can I do about this? To "OPPT"-in sounds ..easier than done - do I set up my own piece of writing as there are no "forms" to fill out like we´re used to? Is it enough to just understand the implications of all this - go to a local court - claim your sovereignity? Do I need to do this in front a notary? Do I need a "postal-stamp" on it? Where do I sign? Is my signature enough or do I have to put my finger-print and/or other verifications? Or do I just remain unenmeshed - trash all pseudo"official" letters I get and when they knock on my door and ask whether I´m that "person" just say "No!°" and stand my grounds? Which of the many documents, declarations, examples contained in the OPPT-colle<ction do I need in my particular situation? What international §Law§ do I refer to in order to tell "them" that their "legalese" is in fac<t ILLegal by now? How do I go against an unjust bill from an attorney who ripped me off and did NOTHING to better my situation - on the contrary!? How do I make sure to word all communication with these false authorities in the correct Parse syntax grammar - quantum language? ....once again I´m thoroughly c<onfused ..... ThankYou for any support and guidance anyone can provide in all this°!

Love&Light and ThankYou ALL! *mike flower

Germany - the tightest of them all?°! 403986_420341274668687_1337572240_n

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Germany - the tightest of them all?°! Empty Re: Germany - the tightest of them all?°!

Post  jac144 on Sun Feb 24, 2013 4:25 am

OMG Mike, not suggesting anything here cuz im not a lawyer, im a drywall tapers LOL sorry i cant help. But id probably be dead right now starting with the Mother and ending with the Judge if it was me long before any of this OPPT came to light. I cant even imagine the emotions your pumping through your being right now. In a different light from previous though i can suggest you try very hard to balance the emotions of negativity, without FOOD they must leave, meaning those responsible for the manipulation of your energy will starve and choose another victim. Not meaning your C ex or judge or laywers for that matter. Europe is filled with Demons harvesting all they can. This is really the most powerful affirmation in existence and its basically a FUCK OFF Notice for all that is unclean, Holy Holy Holy is our Lord God of Hosts 3 times brother Mike. I know 100% that all that comes MUST leave upon it, say it often aloud or silent but say it FOREVER. Tough situation mate wish i was laywer i would be a badass MFer they wouldnt like very much. I pray for your resolution and hope someone of the proper knowledge steps forth and helps the situation if it can be helped . GL bro


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