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New Case for Colorado Empty New Case for Colorado

Post  Freedom on Thu Jan 31, 2013 1:14 am

I had already begun a court case involving the Setoff and Discharge of alleged debt on my motorcycle. The Plaintiff/Bank/Attorney filed a complaint and a notice of Replevin...Meaning they wanted to repossess my motorcycle. I showed up in court on an "Order to Show Cause" with an Affidavit of Status declaring my Sovereignty, with a copy of the EFT Instrument I used to setoff the alleged debt and the courts failed to issue the order of repossession on that day. I then immediately followed up with a "Motion to Dismiss, EFT Discharged Debt, No Case Before the Court". The courts denied my motion, handed down a "Writ of Repossession Order", without the requirement to post a bond, and sent the Bank and 4 Sheriff Deputies to my home to repossess my bike. They threatened to use any means of force necessary to steal my bike despite asking for a lawful warrant, backed by oath and signed by the judge. They said their orders were to take the bike and I continued sharing the rights violations they are playing a part in violating and shared potential fines and penalties associated with the violation of their respective Oaths and they continued making threats. Rather than letting them tear my place apart, I opened the garage and allowed them, under duress and constant threat of harm, to take the bike knowing I'd have a chance at getting it back.
I've been studying and following American Freedom Seminars ( and using their tools with very little success in standing down these courts. I actually have another case going were DISCOVER BANK or the Law Firm has garnished my bank accounts, but thats another case I'll talk about later. The courts pay little attention to constitutional law. As a result, I have asked spirit for guidance and TOPPT came to me the day after Speaking with Adamus St. Germain (Crimson Circle) at his monthly meeting on Jan 5th. On January 28th, I filed the DEMAND and ORDER FOR CEASE AND DESIST to both the Court and the Attorney, with copies to all the Colorado State ANNEX's on the doc. NOTE: the email addresses for Angela Zents and Mark Vass are not good and have been returned.
I'm wondering three (3) things:
1. How many days should I give them to reply before I can get my bike back?
2. How can I get my bike back?
3. Do I have to file a UCC Financing Statement? What is it do for me? How to?

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New Case for Colorado Empty New State

Post  Admin on Thu Jan 31, 2013 2:05 am

Hi There

I created Colorado forum for you and moved your post.



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