Foreclosure Trial June 27, 2013

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Foreclosure Trial June 27, 2013  Empty Foreclosure Trial June 27, 2013

Post  AM2013 on Sun Jun 23, 2013 12:13 am

Hello everyone:

I am positively exited as June 27, 2013 approaches since that is the date the foreclosure trial will be done without a jury on my property.  I have already sent the Courtesy Notices to the alleged Judge hearing the case and the attorney for the Plaintiff as well.  I am hoping they will do their due diligence but I am also prepared in case they decide to act against me.  I have tried to find out who was the originator of the action against me, but have not received a response as of yet. I am assuming is someone at the servicing company but I also think it could be the original attorney that brought the case on behalf of the pretend lender.  I will keep you updated, should the alleged judge rule agaisnt the defendant for not showing up. ( since showing up at their hearing will give them authority)   Then I will have a customer that I can send my invoice and will send the attorney for the plaintiff one as well, since they still proceeded with the prosecution of the case.

With absolute love and peace to all,


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Hello Everyone:

Today is the day and I am very excited. I am preparing my invoice and was thinking of just having one line in my invoice and that would be for :

Operating or perpetuating any and all private money systems,
issuing, collection, legal enforcement systems, operating SLAVERY
SYSTEMS of and against the One People*
* The One People as defined in UCC 2012079290
then on the date range shows:

From:  5/31/2013
to :       6/27/2013

According to my math that is 28 calendar days at 1,000 per day
that is 28,000 coins of 99.9% pure silver payable.

The dates come from the day the alleged judge received my CN
on May 31st and on June 27, she adjudged the default on the case.

I have a few questions for you all, and wanted to get some clarity on the subjects.

Is my logic sound for having item# 16 above on my invoice?

Should I also add items
#  1  Any claim absent a lawfully binding contract between the parties

and or # 2   Enforcing or attempting to enforce any prior issued instrument from a foreclosed entity.

I think # 1 is mostly O.K but I am having doubts about # 2.   Can anyone give examples on when # 2 would apply?  

Also can anyone think where the promissory note on a mortgage comes into play?   The words that need to be clarified are  “from a foreclosed entity " would the promissory note or mortgage instrument qualify for item # 2?

Also when I bill the attorney for the plaintiff, which items #'s would most definitely qualify for that individual?  

Thanks for everyone's input in advance.


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Foreclosure Trial June 27, 2013  Empty Foreclosure done

Post  AM2013 on Fri Jun 28, 2013 6:30 pm

Hello Everyone:

Well, the alleged judge in the foreclosure case on my property
has issued a Final Judgement of Foreclosure.

The sale date in on August 1, 2013 and I am going to begin my invoicing.

I just spoke to the U.S. Mint to ask them what authorized secured carriers
they would use so I can mention them in the invoice section. They do not know
what carrier would be secured and since they don't use them they cannot
give me an answer. They only use the regular UPS and Fedex for their regular
shipment of their products. I guess since I can't put them in as a source of information,
I will take that part out and just keep " Use any secure carrier" part. I also called a company
in California and after speaking to one of their top management persons, she said she did
not feel confortable me mentioning them in my invoice as a source of information.

I just though I share this with you and should you find a company or agency
that is confortable and has the info anyone would require in order to complete the
transaction, then please share the info with us.




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