Excel invoice file

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Excel invoice file

Post  AM2013 on Tue Jun 04, 2013 7:55 pm

Hello Everyone:

I am looking for an un-corruptive invoice word file that I can tailor my
invoices in case the former judge or former attorney for the plaintiff  take any
future action against me.   Also there is a part on the invoice that specifies the
method of transport the pure troy silver ounces and it seems that there
should be a comparable method of delivery by a bonded courier in case
something happens to the delivery.  If anyone has a good template, please post the link
where I can download it from, or if you can up loaded to this site on this forum, that would be great as well.

The fact that something could happen to the delivery of silver and to make
sure that they don't reimbuse the intended party with Federal Reserve Notes, but
with the intended pure troy silver ounces like it says in the invoice.  Does anyone
have any ideas for the above issue?



added info  June 12, 2013

Hello everyone:

I was able to see a complete invoice and made an invoice in Excel format.

I would like to upload the Excel document but I am not able to find the upload icon. Can
someone post the information, so I can upload it?  Should anyone be able to post any
suggestions from my previous post, I would appreciated it very much.

Best wishes to all,



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