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Acceptance for Value or A4V Empty Acceptance for Value or A4V

Post  ImaJWalker on Fri Apr 26, 2013 6:05 pm

Hey.. I've been researching a lot lately. Came across this. It's makes really good sense and of course Main Stream Media and government WILL NOT TELL YOU about this. When we watch and listen to all the shows with Heather and the crew, they are speaking of VALUE and not money.
I never really knew what that meant until a really good friend of mine on here from Colorado, who also helps others with their materials..enlightened me. If you research A4V or Acceptance for Value, you will find that a lot of people are already AWARE of this. In Canada however, our system is REALLY BEHIND but there are people working on it. It's not being recognized in Canada as of yet.. as far as I know. For a detailed description, I received a link to a talk show which includes a very very educated man from the USA and one from Canada.

I'm so hoping this gets going in Canada. I called CRA and Bank of Canada and neither have a clue but Americans are getting their bills processed through the IRS.
Hope this helps.


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