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Post  Purple Legionnaire on Wed Apr 10, 2013 7:06 pm

I do beg my pardon, because I know this may have been asked, and answered. But tomorrow, I will be receiving (via certified mail) a request from a (foreclosed) Agencia belonging to a foreclosed CORPORATION.

A. Do I sign, and attach a Notice, or
B. Do I refuse to sign, and send via certified mail a Noice?

Thanks for any help.

I was translating the Spanish docs btw. But the fact is, it's not possible with the limited resources we've had. However, (all is not lost by a long shot..) Seeing as the documents where 'registered' in English, then they are the 'mainstay'. ANY translations into other languages WILL be a courtesy.

(SPAIN btw, has not been found ..yet. As a Corp. Reward offered.)
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