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CN's in New Zealand Empty CN's in New Zealand

Post  Irma Jager on Tue Apr 09, 2013 12:09 pm

Courtesy Notices in New Zealand

I have followed OPPT with great interest over the last couple of months ~ I think the foundation is there, it is up to each of us individually now to build on it and make it alive.
Life is certainly offering me plenty of opportunities to do so! Here is my story...

In June 2011 we had a visit from a compliance officer from the local council; we (the 'landowners') have invited others to share the piece of land (25 acres) with us and so there are 5 households on a piece of land that according to their rules can only have one dwelling. Visits from council officers confirmed that none of them thought we were doing anything wrong; we're living self-sufficiently and sustainably together in harmony and have had no complaints from neighbours... but it is just not in their rules!
Long story short; all 5 households stayed on the land and we were taken to Environment Court. We have had a lot of support from people with more knowledge in the freedom movement and used the administrative process. Still got a court order in August 2012. Since then nobody has left, but we are talking to the council about getting one of the dwellings permitted and then moving on to the other structures.
We were also ordered to pay the legal fees to the council: $17,000. The actions from the local council were based upon a plan that is 17 years old and very clearly out-of-date (which they have admitted and are currently re-writing) and on top of that there are literally hundreds of similar situations in the district that council has turned a blind eye to in the past. So we are strongly against paying this money. We believe that the council wants the money so they can use it to scare off others that want to stand up against their orders.

Last week we received a bankruptcy notice from the High Court; we need to either pay within 10 working days or else we will be declared bankrupt and they will seize assets so they can 'recover' the alleged money. The Bankruptcy Notice was sent by the deputy registrar of the alleged high court. So a Courtesy Notice in a Registered Mail envelope will be sent to him this week. Because this is already in the court, I'm wondering if it will be enough to stop the process here. Any thoughts anyone?

Have also sent CN's to the alleged NZ Transport Agency after they invoiced us for road user charges; three weeks ago, no reactions.
And another one to a debt collection agency, one week ago, no reactions. But early days for all these. Will keep you posted.

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