Courtesy Notice Templates

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Courtesy Notice Templates

Post  Lee Anne Daylight Lacey on Sat Apr 06, 2013 9:50 am


Where do I get the Templates of the Courtesy Notices? I downloaded Courtesy Notices from the OPPT In site but I cannot fill in the blanks. I have noticed that there are slavery notices as well to send for people who are getting harassed by the police. My son has had his license disqualified after he paid fines now he has to go to court. Can someone send me a link for the Courtesy Notices and the Slavery Notices please. I am pretty new to this and trying to get my head around it. My daughter also has been disqualified and has to go to court.
ACT, Australia.

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Re: Courtesy Notice Templates

Post  flightoffire on Mon Apr 15, 2013 1:46 pm

Hi Lee Anne.

After a bit of hunting, I finally found it. From the OPPT-IN web site it can be found under: OPPT Absolute > OPPT Courtesy Notice. Then scroll down to just under the video box. There you will see some text:

    "Click to download Courtesy Notice Update V06P00 – COMPLETE KIT WITH AUDIO UPDATE"

Right click (or Mac equivalent) and 'save'. It is a zip file containing all the latest templates (Version 6). (About 29 meg).

Found on [UPDATED to site]: this page.

Direct link Courtesy Notice templates

It contains all 5 templates - Future Action, Incident, Paper Action, Slavery General, Slavery Individual - in both .DOC and .PDF format as well as the same as completed examples titled 'Reference'.



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