Greetings to All from Chile!!!

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Greetings to All from Chile!!! Empty Greetings to All from Chile!!!

Post  conor on Fri Apr 05, 2013 6:46 am

Hello everyone -

I guess I'm looking for advice as well as some like minded individuals in Santiago Chile.

I have never filed a tax return in my life. Recently I got a citation from the IRS equivalent here in Chile called SII. On the top of this citacion was "REPUBLIC OF CHILE". Is this the same REPUBLIC OF CHILE registered in Wshington DC? I intend on sending this question to every senator in Chile as well as to the authorney general over here.

Anyways, they "ordered" me to declare where I got my money to purchase several assets. I went to the SII office a month after the deadline with a letter to their Director asking him to provide evidence that he is serving the public of Chile and not a privately owned for profit company. He failed to respond in 21 days. I believe they are still going ahead with the audit without my authorization.

I need advice as to my next step? Should I begin the process with a courtesy notice?

To be honest I just want to try this thing out. My 'strategy' is to request a translator to explain to me their laws which they have continually failed to provide me. How can laws made before I was born, by people I have never met before, in a language I dont fully understand and whose content has never been explained to me, apply to me? So thats the language barrier defence.

In addition I have sent off an Affidavitt to the Director who "ordered" me to reveal my private information declaring to her that I am the executive, sole-shareholder and CEO of my legal person CONOR PETER O NEILL etc etc. They have failed to rebut my Affidavit. This is the Dean Clifford approach I guess which shall prove useful in the future?

I have also sent off letters to the Minster of Health about my concerns regarding fluoride, chemtrails and GMO's - which are violations of my right to live in a contaminated free environment. Because he failed to respond he and the government are in breach of trust. Maybe that will help me if when this thing ends up in court.

My moral position is that we are equals under god and in a republic the governments serves the people and I am free to share my money with the people in Chile as opposed to the people in the Chilean government. I have signed no contract with them. I have no criminal record. I am a creditor to society and I refuse to contribute to state terrorism because that is what happens when we pay taxes to governments who conduct state terrorism. So I cannot in good conscience feed the beast.

That said, I have 3 kids and I'm certainly not looking for any problems financially or otherwise. For this reason I most likely will comply to their demands if and when they threaten to confiscate my properties but I will only do so under duress. However - if forced to file income tax - I will insist that it goes to a charity of my choosing plus 1%. If they reject this alternative then I will sell up, pay the fine I suppose, and leave the country. But if they only put a lean against my properties I could still rent them out - which would be just fine with me.

But is there anyone in this forum in touch with anyone from Chile? I want to try the oppt approach. I'm definitely going to the site for the translation group, however, could anybody tell me what kind of courtesy notice I require exactly?

Peace and love to all freemen and women in the world.


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