Debt Collection Company Folds

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Debt Collection Company Folds

Post  Mr W on Wed Apr 03, 2013 1:49 am

A couple of weeks ago I sent a CN to a debt collection company. I found their CEO via their website. I addressed the CN to the CEO, as the letter I received had no name on it. In my cover letter to the CN I pointed out some key points that applied to him in the CN. [I send a cover letter with each CN. The content of the cover letter varies depending on to whom I send the CN to.]
One thing I pointed out was how much I would invoice him, personally. I pointed out that 'if' he had submitted the alleged 'debt' to the credit bureaus he would be invoiced for that as well. I pointed out how many oz of silver he would owe me.
Well a few days ago I received two letters from the debt company. The letters in essence said the y had contacted the customer and the customer decided to drop the debt collection. the debt CEO said that his company would never contact me again re: the debt; plus he had written to the credit bureaus to remove the debt from my credit account. The CN worked Very Happy

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