The Revolution has begun

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The Revolution has begun

Post  igoodone on Sat Mar 23, 2013 1:24 pm

The world has changed and the slavery system this world has been operating under is about to dissolve. The article that I have provided puts a real life story behind what has taken place.

Please help spread the word by posting this story on Facebook and asking your friends to do the same.
The Revolution has begun--

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Not Dead Yet!

Post  Bereagun on Sun Mar 24, 2013 4:51 pm

All evidence leads to the fact that the corporations that are posing as governments are dealing in human trafficking. There are volumes of substantiated facts submitted on the record that no rational man or woman can refute and stand as truth unrebutted. Any attacks frontal or collateral by the Corporation state is only in support of the slave system to which your consent is not necessary as brute forces initiated and used under the semblance of color of law is sufficient. How to extract yourself from the actual initiation of force is the best defense. Only the character of the parties is necessary to prove that there is a lack of due process or enforcement of any equal prosecution of law. Any and all submission to the slave system gives rise to traversing jurisdiction, venue, law, consideration and makes fact a non sequitur. Do not consent. In the first instance in front of the brute squad under law of nature you must protect yourself from harm. You have the perfect right to life, liberty, property and defense which cannot be waived in any form while under threat duress and coercion by unconscionable contracts.

Your being kidnapped in involved in human trafficking.
There is no lawful government securing the Peoples inalienable rights.
There is no lawful equal weights and measures or monies.
There is no sanctification of life.
There is no equal protection of liberty.
Pursuit of Happiness is now a privilege and based on nepotism.
There are no Property Rights.



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