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Post  chaotys on Wed Mar 20, 2013 1:46 am

Hi all.

I contacted a guy by the name of Mark Harris, on the Florida forum I think. I just asked a few questions about how applicable the OPPT and UCC filings were in the UK and if they could offer any advice since they seem more familiar with the Codes involved.

I think Mark is a Lawyer of some description. He sent me the follwing e-mail and documents to get us started. The Documents - Affidavit of Impecuniousity (ie - poverty) and a Cease and Desist Notice which already looks preety applicable for the most part as it already is.

I share them here in the hopes that many minds can help to translate it better than me on my own.

Our common law is the same so I will speak to that and not to UCC. In my opinion no further UCC-1 filings as needed and only using the OPPT UCC-1 as the authority for your common law response is the way to go. By affidavit aver all facts and the lack of authority for the PTW to collect any tax as well bring up the question of the type of funds and the nature of the consideration being demanded. I have attached a document for your use as you see fit. This will have to be reformatted for your law. Do not use code, policy, rules regulations or anything below actual law. Common law, Biblical law, maximums of law and law of nations are ok as is any like kind. Please listen to my Talkshoe recordings for process which is very similar on both sides of the pond.

Next call Tuesday 19th March 9PM EST


And the received documentation:

Bit of Help from across the Water Attachment
OPPT Affidavit of Impecuniosity.docx Affidavit of ImpecuniousityYou don't have permission to download attachments.(12 Kb) Downloaded 4 times
Bit of Help from across the Water Attachment
OPPT DEMAND FOR IMMEDIATE CEASE AND DESIST.docx Cease and Desist NoticeYou don't have permission to download attachments.(9 Kb) Downloaded 3 times


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