There is No Money and You Never Paid for the Stuff you Have

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There is No Money and You Never Paid for the Stuff you Have

Post  Bereagun on Wed Mar 13, 2013 5:33 pm

Please remember as a former slave using slave script yopu have never paid only discharged for your stuff. This is the presumption of the court/attorney/bankers PTW. They forget only one thing, your sweat equity. Your life blood of time and effort is what brings value and nothing else. So don't demand payment or the thing (res) only on the value you put into it. I gust did a calculation of the PAR VALUE EXCHANGE RATE of the FRN vs. a United States Note Lawful Money. It's 10,000 to One. Charge them for the Real Value and forget the stuff. Documents will be forthcoming this week and next substantiating this point. Until then:

Believe and take the leap of faith

How do you get a man to look at his illusion?
By showing him his illusion is not there anymore.
You are not allowed to hurt me with your illusion. I do not consent.
Though I walk through the Valley of Death I Fear No Evil as One is with me.
When are you free? The moment you are not part of another man's illusion.
My illusion trumps your illusion by my taking full responsibility for my actions.
By consent, contract or presumption; you have the right to lay down your authority.
One(Executor) in a state of BE'ing (Beneficiary) is authority for bondservant (Trustee) acts.
Do not come with a heavy heart for One is with us; his People: as the Public Trust.
My word is Law if spoken in Truth with Intent to do no Harm.
The Law of Nature must be obeyed. All men are created Equal.
Corporations do not exist except as an illusion in the minds of men.
The funds used to support and give power to the corporate illusion is also an illusion.
When dealing with an corporate illusion your funds are just as valid as their funds.
Offer to settle all controversy in the first instance with like kind funds.


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