Seek Help with Procedure with Filing for Court Case!

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Seek Help with Procedure with Filing for Court Case! Empty Seek Help with Procedure with Filing for Court Case!

Post  Ianim8 on Tue Mar 12, 2013 6:21 pm

Dear OPPT Team,

Thank you for your magnificent work you are doing! I have a question...I will be brief...

I am about to initiate the use of the OPPT Courtesy Notice ( or Court Summons Form ) but have some important questions.
This pertains to a matter regarding a court "notice delivered to me in June of 2009…
Stating that I was a "Target of Investigation " regarding " importation and sales of protected whale teeth...and "suggests" that I get a lawyer or call their offices iof I have any questions...

There were 4 counts of possible violation. At that time I was in Ukraine though I am a citizen of America. I was contacted by them through email. An attorney here in UA advised me to not reply and to wait. Over the following three years a court case ensued ending in the sentencing of one man who was convicted and sentenced to three years in prison and 250K fine. He was basically railroaded into signing for his own demise. I was cited as being a "conspirator" with him in the case. Another friend and my brother were both brought into court for questioning.

Last week I was contacted by this same friend who told me that I should contact the federal agent by phone who is stating that my non answering is a sign of admitting guilt.. I have received no summons to court or have I engaged in any contract of phone calls or interaction.My friend wants me to act as he is under pressure from them to get to me. My friend told me the emails and phone calls are monitored...and it shows that there is no law of civil liberties or bill of rights anymore so what difference does any law actually make? I understand that this "law has been foreclosed on! The question is...will they respond by ignoring me and resort to might makes right and simply use the inability to enforce the OPPT rulings.

I've been aware of OPPT since the first day i appeared on I've also followed all the zero pojnt timeline ascension info since 2012. I am very aware of the true history of the US corporation ( the powers that were) and am willing to take my stand as a free citizen of the world. i am also very attuned to the Sheldon Nidel Galactic Federation of Light updates, John Smallman and other channelings . My concern all along is not the issue for which I am being accused…it is the fact that I know there is no law at all, and that the true intention of the PTW is to eliminate me altogether no matter what.

Consequently I have been and still am stranded in a foreign country. My first question is can you, or will you offer assistance regarding the proper steps to filing a reply? Which form should I use…the Courtesy Notice or the Court Summons? If the court summons is the answer…In the first paragraph it states That I am a property owner…I owned and sold property in the US where I am a citizen but currently have no living address there. In this case what would I write?

When I had money I sought advice from an attorney here in UA and she reviewed all the documents that I had secured for all shipments of materials to the USA. i was told by her that all my documents were 100% in compliance with the laws of Ukraine. Consequently I have remained in the country.

My friend who had received one small parcel from me who was brought to court and who is in contact with the agent has now contacted me and said that I should call the number of the agent ( which he sent me) and perhaps work out a deal with them..that they are still pushing to pursue me and that they consider my silence an admission of guilt. I have not contact anyone by any means as of yet. What is the proper procedure to follow at this point?

Thanks to the Internet and OPPT, Sheldon Nidle and many other light worker sources, I have understood the depth of the deception and I feel that I have at three times in my life had my dreams and creative pursuits and life ruined…by the Dark since I have been a teenager. I am known as very talented musician and artist and recognize myself as a light worker. I am very appreciative of the work OPPT is doing. It is a my knowing that this is real and genuine power and hope for the future paradigm. I will use my case now implement the tools but need advice as to the best way to do so, as there is no room for mistakes. This gave me hope that there is a way to be free of this. I am about to take that step and I need some assistance .

I have timed my advance according to the SHIFT of 2012. I am not sure if I have waited too long..but before 2013 there was no light at the end of the tunnel.…I have read the Courtesy Notice guidelines…and have decided not to make any calls but to contact you first for help. I would greatly appreciate help as I have no attorney or money to pay for one, and realize that this is a mistake anyway as I am aware of what BAR lawyers are.. and I am living by sheer pennies on my art and music in a foreign country separate from family, friends and country for unknown duration.

Please advice me as to the step by step procedure on how to approach the federal agent(s) who are now foreclosed on. What must I do to use the courtesy notice ? or the court notice? Do I reply by email or in writing or both?
I do not know of the original letter sent to me is considered a summons or not…the letter"suggested" I get a lawyer…and that I am a target if Investigation…since that time I am implicated as a co-conspirator……I don't even have a real address. but I am getting a PO box here and a bank account for this purpose today.

I will wait for your reply
Thank you very much if you can assist.

Jake bell


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