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Post  Lichtje on Thu Feb 28, 2013 8:46 pm

Dear Brain,

Allow writer to introduce himself. His birthname is Alexander Israël. Born on the 25th of February 1970 in the Netherlands. Writer is the head of a 5-headed family, concerning a partner and 3 girls, young of age. Writer has been engaged with banks, the judicial system and schools for the last 1,5 years. Writer has also put his own home through the foreclosure procedure, which now runs to an end. Writer has, by the knowledge gained through these actions, attained the EXACT same knowlegde as OPPT. Writer came a very long way, but is about to get his possesions get taken away from him because the lack of legal knowlegde concerning UCC fillings. Luckily, OPPT has. Still, all is being looked at out of a loving way of interpretation and handeling, in great trust and faith - out of knowing - that what is being done, is right in the greatest possible sense of the word.

Still also, earlier on this day, writer has been listening to the interview, as broadcasted on Thanks for the additional info, in regard to some background. Writer has downloaded all documents by OPPT and is in the process of using them to which they were designed to do. It is a lot to look at, but writer will manage. There are, however, some important questions in which writer needs some assistance. Writer is hoping this will be granted to him by yourself, knowingly you are a very busy man.

The questions writer has, are:

Who is Charley C. Miller as mentioned on some of the UCC fillings?
What is the exact purpose of filling a 'Courtesy Notice' (first)?
What UCC number does writer have to fill in on the 'declaration of facts and commercial bill'?
What is the effect on the mentioning of 'common law' right at the bottom of the previously mentioned declaration, for a country as the Netherlands which uses Civil Law?
Writer is not translating the documents into Dutch because of the multiple-meanings in the English language. Do you think this will pose a problem?

Your answers are kindly and in gratitude being received, hopefully swiftly, so writers process can be rounded-up.

In Love and Light,

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